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Resources for Writing Program Instructors & TAs: Reference Sources

This guide contains links to resources that will be helpful to Writing Program TAs and their students in their WRT 105 and WRT 205 assignments.

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The sources listed in Online Reference Sources  provide you with searchable access background information and some criticism from hundreds of sources.

Also, this page points to a number of Writing Guides and Style Manuals.

Online Reference Resources

  • Credo Reference
    Search the full-text of hundreds of reference books in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. This tool seaches the text of the entries, allows for sorting of entries by subject and title. Also, use the Concept Map feature to explore related terms and discover disciplanary overlaps.

  • Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

    Define words and trace their development with "the definitive record of the English language" (choose Enter OED Online)

Writing Guides & Style Manuals



  • The Elements of Style 
    Based on William Strunk, Jr.'s 1998 reference book, this site covers rules of usage, principles of composition, and other helpful writing tips.
  • Guide to Grammar & Writing  Advice on grammar, punctuation, and usage questions arranged in drop-down menus under six headings:  e.g., "Word & Sentence Level," "Paragraph Level," "Essay & Research Paper Level," etc.
  • The Text Doctor  Writing-related reference sources in such sections as "Dictionaries/Thesauri/Vocabulary," "Grammar/Mechanics," "Resources for Technical Communicators," "Web Design Resources," etc.