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Architecture: Urban Studies

This guide presents resources on various aspects of architecture including history, theory, design and technology.


(Current issues available in Architecture Reading Room)


Cornell Journal of Architecture

Bird 4th Floor - NA2300 C67 C6 


ARR reserve: no.1 (1981:fall)-no.3 (1987:fall); no.7 (2003:spring); no.1 (1981:fall)-no.2 (1983:fall)


Journal of Urban Design

Bird 4th Floor - NA9000 .J68


available online from 1997


Kenchiku to Toshi = Architecture and Urbanism: A+U

Bird 4th Floor, Fine Arts Limited Access – NA9000 A3

available online from 1986



ARR reserve - NA1 L63

no.1-2, no.7, no.9 – current


Lotus International

Bird 4th Floor, Fine Arts Limited Access - NA9 L6




Bird 4th Floor – NA735 N5 M47



Bird 4th Floor – NA2542.45 P53

available online from 1983

available online from 1997


Planning Perspectives

Bird 3rd Floor – HD30.28 P526

available online from 1997 v.12


Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme

Bird 4th Floor – NA1301.Q3

no.241-252; no.256- current


Urban Land

Bird 4th Floor – NA9000 U7

v.15- current


Urban Studies

Bird 4th Floor - HT103 U7

v.1-45 ceased

available online 1997-2000

available online from 1964

Approaches to Urban Design

Alexander, Christopher, et al. A New Theory of Urban Design. New York: Oxford University Press, 1987. (Bird 4th Floor – NA9031 N48 1987)

Allen, Stan. Points + Lines: Diagrams and Projects for the City. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1999. (ARR – NA737 A44 A4 1999)

Bacon, Edmund N.  Design of Cities. New York: Penguin Books, 1974. 1967. (ARR – Na9050 B22 1976)

Cherry, Nathan and Kurt Nagle. Grid/Street/Place: Essential Elements of Sustainable Urban Districts. Chicago: American Planning Association Planners Press, 2009. (ARR reserve – NA9105 G75 2009)

Duany, Andres and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. Towns and Town-Making Principles. New York: Rizzoli, 1992. (ARR reserve – NA9051 D8 1992)

Ellin, Nan. Integral Urbanism. New York: Routledge, 2006. (ARR – NA9050 E45 2006)

Fainstein, Susan S. and Scott Campbell, eds. Readings in Urban Theory. 2nd ed. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2002. 1996. (ARR reserve - HT151 R35 2002)

Gruen, Victor. The Heart of Our Cities: The Urban Crisis: Diagnosis and Cure. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1964. (ARR – NA9108 G76)

Koolhaas, Rem. Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto of Manhattan. New York: Monacelli Press, 1994. (ARR reserve – NA735 N5 K66 1994)

Le Corbusier. Charte d’Athenes (The Athens Charter – English). New York: Grossman Publishers, 1973. (ARR – NA21 I57 1933)

Le Corbusier The City of To-morrow and Its Planning (Urbanisme, English Translation). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1971. 1929. (ARR reserve – NA9030 J4 1929.)

Manaugh, Geoff. The BLDG BLOG Book. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2009. (ARR reserve – NA2563 M36 2009)

Sitte, Camillo. City Planning According to Artistic Principles. New York: Random House, 1965. (ARR – NA9030 S613 1965)

Stein, Clarence S. Toward New Towns for America. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, NA9108 S7)

Van Schaik, Martin and Otakar Macel. Exit Utopia: Architectural Provocations 1956-76. New York: Prestel, 2005. (ARR reserve – NA680 E9 2005)

Wright, Frank Lloyd. The Living City. New York: Horizon Press, 1958. (NA9030 W72)

Architects / Firms

Krier, Leon. Leon Krier: Architecture & Urban Design 1967-1992.  New York: St. Martins Press, 1992. (ARR – NA9085 K7 A4 1992)

Tschumi, Bernard. Event-Cities: PraxisCambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1994. (ARR reserve – NA2707 T73 A4 1994)

Tschumi, Bernard. Event-Cities 2Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2000. (ARR reserve – NA2707 T73 A4 2000)

Tschumi, Bernard. Event-Cities 3: Concept vs. Context vs. ContentCambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010. (ARR reserve – NA1353 T78 A35 2004)

Tschumi, Bernard. Event-Cities 4: Concept-Form. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010. (ARR reserve – NA1353 T78 A35 2010)

Van Berkel, Ben, and Caroline Bos. UnStudio: Design Models, Architecture, Urbanism, Infrastructure. New York: Rizzoli, 2006. (ARR reserve – NA1153 U5 B4 2006b)

Vidler, Anthony. Claude-Nicolas Ledoux: Architecture and Utopa in the Era of the French Revolution. Boston: Birkhauser, 2006. (ARR – NA1053 L4 V5313 2006)

City Histories and Projects

Chicago: Naissance d’Une Metropole, 1872-1922. Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1987. (ARR reserve – NA735 C4 C38 1987) 

Le Corbusier. Ville Radieuse: The Radiant City (English Translation). London: Faber, 1967. (ARR, reserve and normal stacks – NA9030 J4213 1967) 

Mariani, Riccardo. Tony Garnier: Une Cite Industrielle. New York: Rizzoli, 1990. (ARR – 9030 G313 1990 v.1)

New York City Planning Commission. Plan for New York City, 1969: A Proposal. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1969. (ARR reserve - OVERSIZE HT168 N5 A5) 6 volumes.

Pinon, Pierre. Atlas du Paris Haussmannien. Paris: Parigramme, 2002. (ARR reserve – NA1050 P55 2002)

Rasmussen, Steen Eiler. Towns and Buildings. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1969. (ARR – NA9090 R313 1969)

Roche, R. Samuel and Aric Lasher.  Plans of Chicago. Chicago: Architects Research Foundation, 2009. (ARR – NA9127 C4 R63 2009)

Staubli, Willy. Brasilia. London: Leonard Hill Books, 1966. (ARR reserve – NA857 fB7 S8)

Venturi, Robert, Denise Scott Brown, and Stezen Izenour. Learning From Las Vegas. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1972. (ARR reserve – NA735 L3 V4)

Zukowsky, John. Chicago Architecture 1872-1922: Birth of A Metropolis. Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1987. (ARR – NA735 C4 C375 1987)

City and Landscape

Dennis, Michael. Court and Garden: From the French Hotel to the City of Modern ArchitectureCambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1986. (Moon Library - NA2543 S6 D39 1986)

Viljoen, Andre, ed. CPULs: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities. Boston: Architectural Press, 2005. (ARR - S494.5 U72 V54 2005)

Waldheim, Charles, ed. The Landscape Urbanism Reader.  New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2006. (ARR reserve - SB472.7 L36 2006)

Community and Social Concerns

Chermayeff, Serge and Christopher Alexander. Community and Privacy: Toward a New Architecture of Humanism. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1963. (ARR – NA9031 C5)

Gropius, Walter. Rebuilding Our Communities. Chicago: P. Theobald, 1945. (Bird 4th Floor – NA9030 G7 1945)

Haas, Tigran. New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the Future.  New York: Rizzoli, 2008. (ARR – NA9031 N49 2008)

Katz, Peter. The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994. (ARR reserve – NA2542.4 K38 1994)

Krier, Leon. The Architecture of Community. Washington D.C.: Island Press, 2009. (ARR reserve – NA2543 S6 K75 2009)

Krier, Rob. Town Spaces: Contemporary Interpretations in Traditional Urbanism. Boston: Birkhauser, 2003. (ARR reserve – NA1153 R59 K75 2003)

Sadler, Simon. Archigram: Architecture without Architecture. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005. (ARR reserve – NA997 A825 S23 2005)

On Utopia

Alison, Jane, Marie-Ange Brayer, Frederic Migayrou, and Neil Spiller. Future City: Experiment and Utopia in Architecture. New York: Thames & Hudson, 2007. (ARR reserve – NA680 F88 2007)

Howard, Ebenezer. Garden Cities of To-morrow. London: Faber and Faber Ltd., 1946. (ARR – HT161 H6 1946)

Rosenau, Helen. The Ideal City: Its Architectural Evolution in Europe. New York: Methuen & Co., 1983. (ARR – NA9090 R6 1983)

Smithson, Alison. Team 10 Primer. London: Studio Vista, 1968. (ARR reserve – NA2560 S55 1968)

Tafuri, Manfredo. Architecture and Utopia: Design and Capitalist Development. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1980. 1979. (ARR reserve – NA2543 S6 T3313 1979)


Gastil, Raymond W. Beyond the Edge: New York’s New Waterfront.  New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. (ARR – NA9053 W38 G37 2002) 

Jacobs, Allan B. Great Streets. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1993. (ARR – 9053 S7 J23 1993)

Shannon, Kelly and Marcel Smets. The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: NAi Publishers, 2010. (ARR - NA9050 S525 2010)

Smithson, Alison. As in DS: An Eye on the Road. Baden, Switzerland: Lars Muller Publishers, 2001. 1983. (ARR reserve – NA2543 T43 S55 2001)

Public Space

Angeles, Magda, ed. In Favour of Public Space: Ten Years of the European Prize for Urban Public Space. New York: Actar, 2010. (ARR – NA9053 S6 I385 2010) 

Cleary, Richard L. The Place Royale and Urban Design in the Ancien Regime. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1999. (ARR – NA9070 C49 1999)

Dennis, Michael. Course guide for  “Architecture and the City: Pre-Mod-Post,” 1981. Architecture and the City: Residential Squares. (ARR – NA9070 A7 1981)

Krier, Rob. Urban Space. New York: Rizzoli, 1979. (ARR – NA9053 S6 K7413 1979) 

Zucker, Paul. Town and Square: From the Agora to the Village Green. New York: Columbia University Press, 1959. (ARR – NA9070 Z8)

Re-visualizing the City

Armengaud, Marc, Matthias Armengaud, and Alessandra Cianchetta. Nightscapes: Nocturnal Landscapes. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili, 2009. (ARR – HT119 A76 2009)

Boyer, Christine. The City of Collective Memory: Its Historical Imagery and Architectural Entertainments. Cambridge, MA: MiT Press, 1994. (ARR reserve – NA9031 B72 1994)

Gandelsonas, Mario. X-Urbanism: Architecture and the American City. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1999. (ARR reserve – NA9053 S6 G36 1999)

Halprin, Lawrence. Cities. Revised Edition. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1972. 1963. (ARR – 9052 H3 1972)

Lynch, Kevin. The Image of the City. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1960. (ARR – 9108 L9)

Olsen, Donald J. The City as a Work of Art: London, Paris, Vienna. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1986. (ARR – NA970 O47 1986)

Prakash, Gyan and Kevin M. Kruse, eds. The Spaces of the Modern City: Imaginaries, Politics, and Everyday Life. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2008. (ARR – HT119 S653 2008)

Rossi, Aldo. The Architecture of the City. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1982. (ARR reserve – NA9031 R6713)

Tschumi, Bernard. The Manhattan Transcripts. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1981. (ARR reserve – NA2707 T73 A4 1981)