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Music: Africa

Selected Websites & Streaming Media

African News Sources

Choosing Keywords

Searching for books and recordings by subject keywords can be a good place to start when you are beginning research. Below are some suggested search terms to try:

  • Music + [geographic term or people]  e.g. Music Uganda;  Music Yoruba
  • Folk music + [geographic term or people] e.g. Folk music Central Africa
  • Popular music + [geographic term or people]  e.g. Popular music South Africa
  • [name of musician]  e.g. Fela
  • [instrument name] + music  e.g. Mbira music
  • Songs + [language]  e.g. songs Nyore

Additional terms for books:

  • Music + social aspects + [name of country, continent]  e.g. Music social aspects Nigeria
  • Music and race
  • [social group or people]--[country]--social life and customs
  • [type of music] + [name of country or continent]  e.g. Highlife (music)--Africa

Reference Books & Guides