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Conservation and Preservation Resources: Treatment Manuals

Conservation and preservation resources for peers, students, and members of the community.

Treatment Manuals Created At Syracuse

Book Conservation
  • Conservation Recase - Recasing in cloth retaining the original sewing and adding new endsheets.
  • Molded Paper Spine - For recasing pre-1800 volumes sewn on raised cords, providing a much more sypathetic appearance than recasing in cloth.
  • Thin Paper Spine - Rebinding for books less than 1cm thick.
  • Exhibit Cradles - Made of Vivak, a plexiglass which can be cut on the boardshear and folded by hand.


  • Archival 101: Answers to questions concerning selecting the most appropriate materials to house your collections, different storage options, terminology found in various catalogs, and how to get the best deal from vendors. Last presented to CLRC in March of 2006.
  • Disaster Planning: Salvaging books and other paper-based materials after a water emergency.
  • Digitization Project Management Basics: Selection criteria, size issues, in-house or outsourcing.
  • CLRC Calendar: Images from the CLRC's 2005 calendar designed by Donia Conn to raise awareness of the myriad of preservation issues faced by libraries and other cultural repositories.
  • Storage of Architectural Materials at the Syracuse University Library - Article published in the Book and Paper Group Annual, 2003, of the American Institute of Conservation.

Subject Guide

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