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Conservation and Preservation Resources: Disaster Planning and Recovery

Conservation and preservation resources for peers, students, and members of the community.

UIUC Library Preservation Unit Sprinkler Test

This video was shown at Disaster Planning for High Density Repositories presented by Jennifer Hain Teper of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The conservation department is conducting sprinkler testing on shelving and boxes for high density storage to determine how disaster plans need to be adjusted from standard. Sprinkler tests showed areas of pooling from run-off and pressure from the sprinklers. It also showed that the special collections boxes made for high density storage essentially go to pulp with the volume of water. Jennifer is working with a vendor to develop a better box for special collections in high density storage. Research continues...

The Florence Flood

Available via YouTube and originally produced by the Royal College of Art, London, 1968. In this 40 minute video book conservators begin to restore the many books damaged by the devastating flood in Florence, Italy in 1966. Peter Waters covers a book in leather. Christopher Clarkson makes a vellum binding.

Disaster Planning and Recovery at Syracuse

These guides are currently in use at Syracuse University Libraries for staff training.


Images from a disaster training workshop

Disaster training workshop Disaster training workshop

Swollen Book
Paperback swollen and misshapen due to water damage




Disaster Plan for Print, Non-Print, and Audio Materials:

This plan is designed to help staff cope with 99.9% of all water related emergencies, and gives step by step instructions for drying books and other paper based materials.Also included are sections on audio and non-print materials (photographs, negatives, microfilm, paintings) from water related damage. Because of the very delicate nature of these materials it is highly advisable to contact a conservator as soon as possible. The Preservation Department will be happy to assist with recommendations.

Disaster Resources:

Subject Guide

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