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Book Arts @ Syracuse University Libraries: Online Resources

Description of book arts @ Syracuse University Libraries. Features bibliographies of books at SUL, links to online resources, and examples by structure.

Featured Resources

The Book Arts Web: Most comprehensive site for book arts resources.

The Bonefolder

The Bonefolder: an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist

Book_Arts-L: Listserv for all the book arts. Link at the Book Arts Web in the sidebar on the left side of the page. Includes online archive going back to 1994.

Online Resources

The most comprehensive source of online information in the book arts is the Book Arts Web. For tutorials in particular see the "tutorials" page . This is also where you will find the Book_Arts-L listserv, an online discussion group with over 2000 subscribers. It is highly recommended as a place to ask question. The listserv archive is also online.

What is a book, the whatness of bookness, ...


Online Journals:

Other Resources:

  • Art, Books, Creativity Interactive: Examples from teachers, artists, writers, and more on each step of the book making process presented interactively. See also the Multimedia and Curriculum tabs at the top of that page. From the National Museum of Women in the Arts site.
  • The Handmade Book: Book, Art, or Sculpture: This WebQuest is designed to help you understand the many different shapes, sizes and forms of the artist book. In fact, sometimes artists' books do not even open or function as books! As you can imagine, this can create problems when classifying artwork and selecting pieces for museum exhibits. Who gets to decide what is a book and what is a sculpture? Can the two art forms be interchanged? Where do we draw the line?


Click here for Booklyn's Education Manual featuring numerous structures explained clearly.

Japanese / Asian / Stab Sewn Binding

Concertina / Accordion Binding


Sewn Books


Subject Guide

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