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Book Arts @ Syracuse University Libraries: Books @ Syracuse

Description of book arts @ Syracuse University Libraries. Features bibliographies of books at SUL, links to online resources, and examples by structure.

Featured Resources

The Book Arts Web: Most comprehensive site for book arts resources.

The Bonefolder

The Bonefolder: an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist

Book_Arts-L: Listserv for all the book arts. Link at the Book Arts Web in the sidebar on the left side of the page. Includes online archive going back to 1994.

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Books About Books || Book Arts / Bookbinding Manuals || Examples from Special Collections

Other titles can be found by doing a search in the Syracuse University Libraries' catalog for "Artists' books", "Bookbinding", "Bookbinding Exhibitions" under Subject Heading.

Examples of artist's books elsewhere sorted by structure.

Books About Books

  • Creating Artists' Books. Bodman, Sarah. Call Number: N7433.3 .B63 2005
  • No Longer Innocent: book art in America: 1960-1980. Bright., Betty. Call Number: Z1033.F5 B75 2005
  • Century of Artists Books. Castleman, Riva. Call Number: N7433.3 .C38 1994
  • Century of Artists' Books. Drucker, Johanna. Call Number: N7433.3 .D78 1995
  • Century of Artists' Books. Drucker, Johanna. Call Number: N7433.3 .D78 2004
  • Book As Art: artists' books from the National Museum of Women in the arts. Wasserman, Krystyna with essays by Johanna Drucker and Audrey Niffenegger. Call Number: N7433.35.U6 W37 2007
  • Structure of the Visual Book. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z116.A3 S58 1984
  • Structure of the Visual Book. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z116.A3 S58 2005
  • Text in the Book Format: book no. 120. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z116.A3 S59 1989

Book Arts / Bookbinding Manuals

Other titles can be found by doing a search in the Library's catalog for "Artists' books" under Subject Heading

  • Bookworks: books, memory and photo albums, journals, and diaries made by hand. Doggett, Sue. Call Number: Z271 .D57 1998
  • The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books. Fox, Gabrielle. Call Number: Z271 .F78 2000
  • Expressive Handmade Books. Golden, Alisa. Call Number: Z116.A3 G64 2005
  • Japanese Bookbinding: instructions from a master craftsman. Ikegami, Kosanjin. Call Number: Z270.J3 I3713 1986
  • Books Unbound. Jacobs, Michael. Call Number: Z116.A3 .J34 2006
  • The Art and Craft of Handmade Books. LaPlantz, Shereen. Call Number: Z271 .L43 2001
  • Books with Girth, Moote. Cherryl. Call Number: Z271 .B65 2005
  • Copied, Bound & Numbered. Moote, Cherryl. Call Number: Z271 .M66 2003
  • Simply Bound: beginnings in bookbinding. Moote, Cherryl. Call Number: Z271 .M655 2001
  • Sleight of Binding. Moote, Cherryl. Call Number: Z271.3.P36 M66 2002
  • The Penland Book of Handmade Books: master classes in bookmaking techniques. [Jane LaFerla and Veronika Alice Gunter, editors]. Call Number: Z271 .P45 2004
  • Non-Adhesive Binding. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z271 .S66 1992
  • Non-Adhesive Binding. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z271 .S66 1999
  • Sewn and Pasted Cloth or Leather Bookbinding for Book Artists Requiring no Special Tools or Equipment. Smith, Keith A. Call Number: Z266 .S59 2004
  • New Directions in Bookbinding. Smith, Philip. Location: Conservation Lab. Call Number: Z266 .S6 1974 f
  • More Making Books by Hand: exploring miniature books, alternative structures, and found objects. Thomas, Peter (Peter R.). Call Number: Z271 .T47 2004
  • Books, Boxes & Wraps: binding & building step-by-step. Webberley, Marilyn. Call Number: Z271 .W37 1995
  • Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand. Young, Laura S. Call Number: Z271 .Y68
  • Books, Boxes, and Portfolios: binding, construction, and design step-by-step. Zeier, Franz. Call Number: Z271 .Z4413 1990

Examples from Special Collections

Selections of these works have been shown in class presentations and can be requested in the Special Collections Research Center Reading Room (6th Floor, E.S. Bird Library). Click here for hours and visit policies.

There is also much more that is available. Images of some these and others can be seen here.

"History of the Book"

  • Cuneiform Tablets
  • Papyrus Fragment
  • Palmleaf Manuscript - With string
  • Pamleaf Manuscript - Accordion
  • Coptic Binding - With leather case

"Artist's Books"

  • Blake, William. Songs of Innocence. NC 978 .B63 S66i 1789
  • Chagall, Marc. Cirque. NC 980 .C43 C5 f (Livre d'artiste)
  • Chan, Irene. . N7433.4 .C42 1998 ff (Accordion/pleated "purse" holding single section pamphlet)
  • Chin, Jason. Jonah and the Whale. N7433.4 .C44 2000 (Story told in images only, accordion format)
  • Dennerline, Thorsten. Lille Fedtøre - Little Airhead. N7433.4 .D46 L5 1997 ff (Portfolio)
  • Dennerline, Thorsten. Real Things People Said, ... N7433.4 .D46 R4 1997 (Accordion)
  • Dennerline, Thorsten. Teach Me Star of Night. N7433.4 .D46 T42 2000
  • Dennerline, Thorsten. Twenty-six Words. N7433.4 .D46 T9 1998 (Accordion)
  • Dickinson, Emily (Webb, Jocelyn artist). Winter Light. N7433.4 .W42 W5 1999 (Accordion, translucent waxed paper)
  • Hanmer, Karen. They All Laughed. N7433.4 .H36 2002 (Flagbook)
  • Kake. Lexicographer's View. N7433.4 .K34 1997 (Single-section pamphlet)
  • Kellner, Tatana. 71125 - Fifty Years of Solitude. D805 .C95 K411 1992ff (Sculptural spiral bound in box)
  • Kennedy, Ann Marie. Plant Dreams. N7433.4 .K46 199p ff (Accordion wrapper with sewn in signatures, glass covered wooden case)
  • Marcisco, Dennis. Right Noise. N7433.4 .M3 R5 2004 (Single-section photographic book)
  • Masereel, Frans. Die Stadt. NC980 .M4 1925 f (Novel in woodcuts)
  • Pfeiffer, Werner. 9-11 and the Aftermath. N7433.4 .P72 N56 2002 (Class portfolio)
  • Pusateri, John. Myth of Justice. N7433.4 .P87 2000 (Accordion)
  • Schwimmer, Sandra. Some Stories of Sainthood. N7433.4 ,S38 1984s (Accordion, folded)
  • Thomas, Peter. Lead Pencil. N7433.4 .T46 L43 2002 (Playful, miniature)
  • Thomas, Peter. Accordion to Zither. N7433.4 .T46 A3 2002 (Accordion, miniature)
  • VanVliet, Claire. Beauty in Use. N7433.4 .V3 1976b (Paper-weaving, non-adhesive, interlocking)
  • Ward, Lynn. God's Man. NC975 .W37 G62 1929b (Novel in woodcuts)
  • Weber, Marshall. House of Ghosts. N7433.4 .W42 2000h (Japanese (stab-sewn) binding, translucent paper)
  • Wilde, Oscar. Two Tales. Z239.4 .S4 1926w (Livre d'artiste - bound)

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