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Syracuse University Libraries

Maps & Cartographic resources: Print Resources

Come to the Map Room and travel the world. The collection has cartographic and reference materials in a variety of formats that cover the entire Earth.

What's in the Map Collection


  •  A wide range of atlases of the world and foreign national atlases, current and historical atlases of the US and New York State in paper and microform are available.
  •  Extensive Sanborn Atlas collection: Nation-wide digital coverage online (1867-1970). Additional years (1960-1990) on microfilm for MA, VT, CT, RI, PA, NJ, DC, and NY and NYC as well as paper for NYC (1916-1980).

Topographic Maps

  •  Topographic series providing coverage for most areas of the world at a scale of at least 1:250,000
  •  Comprehensive coverage of the United States, including all published U.S.G.S. topo maps at 1:250,000, 1:100,000, 1:62,500 and 1:24,000
  •  Coverage for Canada and European countries at 1:50,000
  •  Current editions of NOAA and NOS charts

Thematic Maps

  •  Coverage of all parts of the world, especially North America, the United States and major cities. Subjects include: road maps, physical and biological sciences, human, cultural and political geography, economics, forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, communications, trade, the military, and historical geography.
  •  Extensive coverage for New York state and the city of Syracuse.

Sanborn Atlas Information

The Sanborn Map Co. was a company that made maps for the fire insurance industry. Since 1867 they have made atlases and maps for more than 12,000 towns and cities across the United States. The maps show building footprints, building dimensions, property line locations, and street right-of-ways at a very detailed scale. Structures were given different colors according to the type of building material they were made from.

Syracuse Sanborn map indexes

 This list of PDF maps show the volume boundaries for the city of Syracuse and the suburbs through time.

Sanborns in Digitial formats

Here you will find the Sanborn covererage for cities, towns and communities thoughout the entire United States from 1867 to around 1960. The archive contains more than 660,000 maps.

Sanborns in the Map Collection

 The Map Room has holdings for all of New York State in either print, micro, or online format. Registered SUL patrons have access to the National Sanborn Image Archive database (1870-1960) available through the Library's Database menu. The Map Collection also has microfilm of many of the northeastern states from 1960-1990.

The Map Collection also has insurance atlases for Syracuse from Vose (1892) and Hopkins (1908, 1924, 1938) in print. There are also print Sanborn volumes for New York City from 1908 - 1978.

Sanborn map indexes - NYC

This list of PDF maps show the area covered by each volume for each of the five Boroughs of New York City through time.