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SciFinder: Support and Instruction

SciFinder provides access to comprehensive content including substances, Markush and reaction information, patents, documents, experimental and predicted properties, spectra and more.

Help and Support

Click on the image for SciFinder support and training.

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    • SciFinder is a very expensive resource and takes security and piracy very seriously.  Do not share your username or password with anyone!

  • If you are having problems, make sure you are running the latest version of your browser and all plug-ins must be updated.

  • SUNY/ESF has a separate access license for SciFinder.  Use this link to access. 

SciFinder Registration

SciFinder is only available to members of the Syracuse University community. Before using SciFinder for the first time, you need to register for an account. 

Registration Checklist

Checkmark icon Register for a SciFinder account.

  • The web version of SciFinder requires that you first register.
  • Registration requires that you supply a valid email Syracuse University address (one that ends in
  • Registration is not complete until you respond to the confirmation email.

JavaScript, Java, and cookies must be enabled. A Java plug-in may be needed for structure drawing.

Chemistry Resources

Need help with your research? Click here: Chemistry Research Guide

          JACS     Chemistry Research Guide     Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Subject Guide

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