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Archaeology & Biological Anthropology: Videos/DVDS

Videos and Music Collections

Check out SU Libraries' webpage on its Video and Music Collections

Video Collections
The Syracuse University Libraries have approximately 6,000 DVDs and 8,000 videocassettes that cover all subject areas. This collection is accessed by request at the 3rd Floor Check-In/Out and Help desk, by emailing, or calling 315-443-4176. All items in the video/film collection can be found in the Classic Catalog .

Music Collection
In addition to music books and scores, the SU Libraries maintain a collection of records, compact discs, and music cassette tapes. The collection contains music ranging from classical (Western and non-Western), jazz, folk, world, and popular music genres to musical theater. All items in the music collection can be found in the Classic Catalog. 

Archaeology & Biological Anthropology Videos

A partial list of many of the most recent DVD's and videos in the SU Library collection on archaeology and biological anthropology.  Unless otherwise noted, all videos can be found in Bird Library, 4th Floor, Videos, in the Limited Access section.

Searching for Videos/DVD's in the SU Libraries' Summon

1. In the Summon search box, type in the topic or the title of the video ( in quotes) that you are looking for, then click on the Search button.

Ex. type the word ghana  - for videos/DVD's on ghana, or "smoke signals" for the video Smoke Signals.

2. Refine your search by Content Type found on the left side of the screen. Click on "more" then scroll down to Video Recordings.  Click on the "include" box and then the "continue" box.