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MAR 356 - Marketing Research (2017): Home

Course guide for MAR 356 Section M004


This guide was created to highlight SU Libraries' subscriptions and other sources of information useful for students taking MAR 356, Marketing Research. Students will need to locate and use a variety of source types - from raw data (results from polls and surveys), to in-depth reports and articles in business and trade press.

Save Time with a Feed Reader

An RSS feed reader will save you time as you strive to keep up with current events and publications.

RSS symbolRSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to "subscribe" to online content (such as websites, blogs, and news and business publications) via a feed reader.

Many different feed readers are available, including readers that are part of your browser or email client, as well as readers that may be used with any browser or mobile device.

Feed Reader Tips:

  • Set up feeds for an entire website, as well as distinct pages or sections. For instance, you can "subscribe" to the homepage of The New York Times as well as the business section.
  • Some research databases also allow you to "subscribe" to a specific set of search terms, so if you're doing research over a period of time, you can be "alerted" to new articles that fit your criteria.
  • If you hit a "paywall" (the website asks you to pay for the full text) when trying to read an article brought to you by your feed reader, look up the publication via the Journal Locator to read the article for free!

Pew Research Center

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Primary Research - Data & Statistics

Secondary Research - Reports and Analysis

Business & Management Librarian

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Stephanie JH McReynolds
The following drop-in office hours will be held during the fall 2018 semester.

You are welcome to use the "Schedule Appointment" button to make an appointment during these drop-in hours. However, making an appointment during these office hours is not required. You are still welcome to drop by during these drop in hours. There is just a chance that (if you have not made an appointment) I may not be available when you happen to drop by because I may already be meeting with someone.

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Regular Drop-in Office Hours:

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Phone: 315.443.9524
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If you need immediate assistance from a library staff person (especially if it is after "business hours") consider using SU Libraries' "Ask Us!" options (which include a 24/7 chat service):

Richard K. Miller & Associates Market Research Reports

Here are just a few titles from the collection:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Entertainment, Media and Advertising
  • International Consumer Markets
  • Restaurant Food & Beverage Market
  • Sports Marketing